Introducing the EVGA Z Series Gaming Keyboards

- February 9, 2021 — 

EVGA Z Series Gaming Keyboards

Introducing the EVGA Z Series Gaming Keyboards

EVGA TOF Sensing System

4K Hz Report Rate
The Z20/Z15 Keyboard is powered by a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M33 core microprocessor to support a 4K Hz report rate. Offering the most advanced gaming keyboard experience, 4K Hz is 4x more responsive and inputs can be more precise.

4K Hz report rate

Light Up Your Gaming Experience

4D Bump Keycap
EVGA RGB Light Bar

Macro Control & Multimedia Function

Dedicated Macro Keys
Five dedicated and programmable Macro E keys, customizable via the UNLEASH RGB Software

Dedicated Macro Keys

Volume Scroll Wheel & Multimedia Keys
Dedicated volume wheel and media keys give you full control at your fingertips.

Volume Scroll Wheel

USB Passthru & Audio Jack

USB and Audio Jack

The EVGA Z20 Elite Keyboard brilliantly outshines the competition with fully-customizable *Per-Key* RGB LEDs, with left & right edge RGB Light bar customization to fit any color scheme. The Z20 Elite LED backlighting can be configured via the EVGA UNLEASH RGB software, and multiple lighting effects can be instantly dimmed or brightened via the LED brightness function combination keys.

RGB Illumination
RGB Configuration



Gaming Keyboard Z Series

EVGA Z20 Gaming Keyboard

The Z20 keyboard features a ToF proximity sensor. Detecting user movement to trigger the system awake or to sleep.


The Z20 keyboard is equipped with Light Strike LK Optical Mechanical switches with a low 1.5 mm travel to actuation, generating 25% faster response time compared to traditional mechanical switches. Featuring your choice of Linear or Clicky switches with N-key rollover to ensure that you get exactly the type of feedback and experience you want.

Optical-Mech. Linear Switches
Optical-Mech. Clicky Switches

Switch Color : Dark GrayActuation Force : 45 gSwitch Color : Light GrayActuation Force : 50 g
Switch Type : Linear and SilentOperating Life : 100MSwitch Type : ClickyOperating Life : 100M
Travel : 3.0 mmKey Debounce Time : < 0.5 msTravel : 3.5 mmKey Debounce Time : < 0.5 ms
Actuation : 1.5 mmActuation : 1.5 mm

EVGA Z15 Gaming Keyboard

User-Swappable Switches: Hot swap sockets allow you to customize the feel of your Z15 RGB keyboard with Kailh's 3pin mechanical switches.

EVGA Z15 User Swappable Switches

The Z15 RGB keyboard features your choice of Kailh Speed Silver Linear or Kailh Speed Bronze Clicky mechanical switches to ensure that you get exactly the type of feedback and experience you want.

Mechanical Switch. Linear.
Mechanical Switch. Clicky.

Switch Color : SilverActuation Force : 40 gSwitch Color : BronzeActuation Force : 50 g
Switch Type : Linear and SilentOperating Life : 70MSwitch Type : ClickyOperating Life : 70M
Travel : 3.5 mmKey Debounce Time : 5 msTravel : 3.5 mmKey Debounce Time : 5 ms
Actuation : 1.1 mmActuation : 1.1 mm

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